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We here at Adam Howe Photography are passionate about our trade. As a group of professionals and friends we are always looking to improve and strive to stay ahead of the curve in a trade that is rapidly changing. With technology advancing in the world of photography it's easy to become a dinosaur. Our group consists of enthusiasts and professionals alike, with some achieving bachelor honours degrees in photography, also having experience teaching individuals at the levels of higher and further education.

We understand that everyone learns differently! So our learning schemes aim to strike a balance for the everyday student seeking conceptual tutoring, right up to the aspiring professional looking to make their hobby pay the bills! We want you the learn on a platform that you're familiar with, so remember to bring along your camera be it SLR, TLR, DSLR, Medium or Large Format! 

Classes starting from £45!

Please be aware that to confirm your booking there is a deposit fee of £25


our courses



2 & 1/2 hr sessions for £75

Our workshops are comprised of a condensed course of photography fundamentals that give you the opportunity to illustrate your artistic vision through your camera. We offer a professional and constructive environment that encourages you to nurture your art form with confidence!

our workshops

 Photography 101!


Technical Workshop

A comprehensive guide to camera functionality, expand your capabilities so you know your camera like the back of your hand.

Studio  Practice! 


Technical Workshop

An introductory guide to studio lighting, portraiture and still life (product) photography, learn to light your subjects with pro tips and tricks.

 Post Processing! 


Technical Workshop

An introduction to photo retouching, colour correction and secrets of the trade! Master Photoshop or Lightroom in a matter of hours. 

Photography & The Landscape! 


Location Workshop

Refine your creativity with our carefully considered location shoots. Experience the fun of the great outdoors with the hands on support of our professional photographer's expertise! Learn how to cram as much detail as possible into your images and achieve crisp, even exposures across your imagery.

Wildlife & The Decisive Moment! 


Location Workshop

An introduction to wildlife photography! Capture nature in all it's glory and savour the satisfaction of capturing the money shot! Learn the behaviours of your subject, refine your understanding of shutter-speeds and composition to capture stunning imagery that will intrigue the masses.

Long Exposures Photography By Night!


Location Workshop

Take your skills to the next level and excel in a niche field of photography! Our night-walk location shoots focus on capturing beautiful cityscapes and the humbling scale of the night sky! We'll even teach you how to paint with light! With guidance and constructive feedback we'll teach you how to compose and expose your images correctly, then process breathtaking imagery in post production.

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1 hr sessions for £45


A series of classes primarily constructed for students in higher and further education.


Gain access to a wealth of knowledge in conceptual theory and photographic history as well as years of field experience!

Our expertise in photography spans as high as high as a Post Graduate Certificate In Education (PGCE)!  

We guarantee a fun and lighthearted experience that will challenge you intellectually and inspire you to progress!

In a roundtable critique we'll offer constructive feedback and insight into your project briefs and academic writing for you and your peers!






£65 per hour


For the student, the enthusiast or aspiring professional that prefers the benefit of one to one tutoring. 


A learning experience tailored to your needs. Collaborate with us to create your lesson plan!

For any photographer of any skill level who stands to benefit from learning on a one to one basis. Learn at your own pace!

Learn within your comfort zone, choose your location! We come to you!

No other students. You aren't sharing our expertise or attention, our focus in solely on you!

Constructive feedback to assist you in your progression!

master you camera and book your classes today!

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